About ZSCentral.com

www.zscentral.com was launched on Saturday, 11 March 2006 and has continued to grow with new members. With the forum it has become a community of MG ZS Fans and Enthusiasts. We want to continue to make it the ultimate online MG ZS resource site and forum for all MG owners, new and old.

The site is updated with news and reviews from across the MG range. Content items on the homepage allows all members to add comments and there are areas on the forum for discussions of all types. The forum also adds private message functions, email notification and updated profile sections as well as search and signature facilities. There is also a Gallery where members are able to upload their own images. This can be found in the forum section.

The site covers all the MG ZS models including the ZS 120, ZS 180 and the ZS diesels but we welcome anyone what ever car you drive.

We are continuing to update the site with the latest news and information. If you are interested in helping out updating the site with articles please contact us.

The site has recently been updated with a new front-end which looks nicer and also works on mobile devices better too. The forum software has also been updated to the latest version to ensure the site is reliable.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for the site.